Meet Rachael

  Rachael Muldrow

me at age 2, testing tissue aerodynamics
Although I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work and a Master's Degree in Secondary Education, I have always longed to spend my time creating things for myself and other people.  Growing up, I watched as my mom made my absolute dreams come true in fabric form as she pieced together patterns and ideas to create the customized dresses I wore to almost every semi-formal school function.  I got my first "formal" training on the sewing machine in my 7th grade Home Economics class, and have been sewing off and on since I purchased my very first Kenmore sewing machine from Sears in 1995.  I am now the proud (and sometimes frustrated) owner of a Baby Lock Ellure Plus sewing and embroidery machine, which has inspired me to play even more with the fabric realm of crafting.

My love affair with paper goes back even further, as I was always to be found writing, drawing, folding, cutting, pasting, etc. with any scrap I could get my hands on.  I love to create customized pieces for people who are celebrating special occasions like weddings, births, and birthdays, but as a fan of the written word, I also have a soft spot for beautiful, fun stationary for every day occasions.

In addition to playing with paper and fabric, I also enjoy cooking, baking, cake decorating, photography, and music.

I currently reside in Greenville, SC, with my beautiful daughter, Lilah, who I hope will grow up with a love of crafting her own self!

She's the best darn thing I've ever made!