Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gifts for Babies

I'm in the middle of my own personal baby boom, and let me tell you, it doesn't do much to cure ye olde baby fever.  But I'm having so much fun sewing for all my sweet friends and sharing the results with you!

First up is the parcel of gifts I made for sweet Reilly - whose Mommy also received this pillow case from me!

What you see is two burp cloths (with some sweet, sweet birdie flannel), a dipe and wipe case, a monogrammed onesie and a paci protector with one of the pacifiers she registered for.  I think the best thing about this type of gift is that it is ALL useful.  These are all gifts I got myself and loved, and to be able to create them on a personalized level for my friends is so, so sweet!

The burp cloths are super simple.  Take your flannel and either cut it to fit the length of the center panel or across the bottom.  You can do appliques or monograms or anything else to embellish.  And for appliques, you don't need a special machine!  I do plenty of free-handed appliques and they are just as sweet and special as anything you can machine stitch.

I used this great pattern for the dipe and wipe carrier.  If you know someone having a baby, it really is a great quick gift and you don't have to have advanced sewing skills to complete it.  And your friend will love it.  LOVE.  This was gifted to me by another friend, but there are several free tutorials with patterns floating around that I'm sure would be just as simple.

Next is a sort of "off the hook" gift.  Very heartfelt.  Very personal.  But the machine does all the work!

One of my dear friends had her second daughter last week, and has always loved monogrammed items for her older daughter.  So I thought I'd get her started right with this sweet little pantsuit!

Annabelle Catherine is her name!  How pretty is this purple monogram?  So totally a gift full of love, but I feel a little bit like cheating because I don't do them by hand.   

Does anyone else feel a little like they cheat on something they're known for?  Use Bisquick in a lauded baked good?  Pre-shredded potatoes in your "Nana's" hashbrown casserole recipe?  Does that make them any less special, or us just a little more resourceful? 

You tell me!

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