Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Dark Side has swag!

I am very lucky to have some pretty rad relations in the form of two nephews and a niece.  The older of my nephews recently won his school spelling bee, a feat which I thought deserved a little bit of swag.  This nephew is a pretty big Star Wars fan (come by honestly via his dad and fed heartily by at least one of his uncles), so I decided to whip up a little tote bag for him to use at the library or book store or just to hold some Star Wars paraphenalia.

Love, love, love this bag - it's nice and deep and also will sit on the ground and hold your stuff because it's not just two pieces sewn together, it's actually got a notched bottom that makes that great space for things.

Here is a closeup of the man himself.  LEGO Darth...he's a touch less scary than regular Darth.  Loved that there was a Darth quote that was so appropriate for my nephew's accomplishment.

This project was a super quick, last minute kind of thing that I love being able to do.  Darth is appliqued using black corduroy and the bag itself is made of tan canvas with a red canvas handle.  I busted out the serger for this project.  I was a little scared, but it made the inside edges so much nicer!  I have made these bags before and lined them, but I thought for a little guy, maybe a lined tote was too purse-y. 

I got a super sweet and to the point thank-you note from him today in which he declares it "cool," so I hope he's enjoying it for whatever use he is employing it!

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