Monday, September 5, 2011

Fit to be Tied

So a few weeks ago I was thumbing through the Land's End Canvas catalog and a little something caught my eye.  In one picture, a model was showing off the company's new old chinos and she was wearing what looked like a modified neck tie for a belt.

I don't wear a lot of belts; I have an unfortunate condition called Longium Waisticus, and wearing shirts tucked in with belts just amplifies the problem.  What it usually means is that my shirt is coming untucked all day long, every time I move my arms, since a regular shirt for normal, non-afflicted people usually juuuuuuuuust covers my belly-button on any given day anyway.  It would be awesome if I were a belly-button model, but I'm not, so it's annoying.  The only time this condition has worked in my favor is while I was pregnant.  Longium Wasiticus actually helps pregnant women avoid the dreaded "Rib Monkey Bars" syndrome, as well as being able to keep their full ability to breathe for the entire pregnancy (at least for babies approximately 7.5 lbs).

Anyway, I liked how simple this belt looked, but didn't like the very limited palette or the nearly $30 price tag.  And the closer I looked at it, the more I realized I could MOST definitely make that myself.

So, of course, I did.

Perez Hilton would have a field day snarking on my hand veins.

I found some ties in fun prints and colors at the second-hand store, and picked up some D-rings at the fabric store and went to town.  Now I have three new belts that I can wear any old time.

Any old time that I have a shirt that is long enough to stay tucked into my pants, that is.

This was a simple sewing project that anyone could complete; however, if you just don't want to do the sewing, but like the idea of getting one of those belts at half the price, I am happy to whip one up for you! 

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Anonymous said...

Sorry if this posts twice. My last comment got eaten.

I love the belt! I need to work more accessories into my wardrobe.

You have the IDEAL body type for high waisted pants so why not venture into that trend with open arms?