Saturday, November 12, 2011

With Pin and Pigment

Ok, so I sometimes blur the lines a little bit about what constitutes "pin" and what constitutes "ink," but that is because I have my hands in so many crafts at once that I really want to share with y'all what I'm doing but I don't want to go too far outside the constraints of what I've set up this blog to showcase, which is specifically paper thingies and fabric thingies.

But here's hoping you'll forgive me for toe-ing the line once you see how stupidly cute this little craft turned out to be.

When I saw this (I'm sure on Pinterest, since that's where the good ideas live), it reminded me of the theme of our precious two years of Christmas cards: Lilah's painted bits and pieces.

Year one was her nearly 12-month-old foot turned into a Christmas tree, proclaiming the "Holidays are afoot!". (I know, I'm a freaking comic genius). Year two was Lilah's sweet little 23-month-old hand turned into Santas face and beard. I added in all the rest of the elements, cut by hand, of a hat - complete with trim - and googly eyes (just to make Walken happy) with a note saying we hoped Santa "handed" them everything they wished for that year.

I have no intention on stopping this tradition before Lilah is too big to fit body parts on card-sized paper or she is old enough to tell me to go to hell, so keep in touch to see what I've picked for this year's card. We'll start on them soon enough.

So this little craft can kind of be considered a warm-up; A good reminder of what it feels like to become a human stamp and have squishy acrylic paint in between your tiny bits and pieces. Plus, it gave me that ever one special piece of seasonal art that I can pull out every year to sob over when I realize my baby isn't a baby anymore which means I'm just old.

Or something like that. :-)

So without further adieu, I give thee "Foot Turkey with Hand Feathers" by Lilah Muldrow, age 34 months:


Sara said...

Cute idea!

Lauran said...

Oh I love it! And now I want to do one for Matt. :)