Monday, October 11, 2010

Do you have a flag?

A couple weekends ago,  a friend contacted me to help her out with a wedding shower she's throwing for her sister-in-law and SIL's fiance.  Since this blog is seriously lacking in "Ink" posts, and I needed a fun graphic project to distract me from life, I jumped at the chance to help her by making some supercute cupcake toppers for the tower she's constructing.

The theme of the shower is a tailgating/stock-the-bar shower, so I felt that school pennants were in high order to decorate the cuppycakes.

Ok, not only do I love, love, love the way the pennants turned out, but can I just say that if you have an iPhone, please go spend $1.99 and download the "Hipstamatic" camera ap rightnow?!?!  It is SO SO SO much fun; you can spend extra money to buy new "films" and "lenses" and "flashes" and if you have the iPhone 4, then it is probably even MORE awesome, but even on my old fashioned phone it has been a joy to play with.  I do have a great love for photography and wish I were more learned in the technicalities of taking photos.  But maybe it's a good thing that I'm not a great photographer, because then the blog would just have to be bigger and include more, because then I'd want to include food, so I could share things like the apple butter I made on Friday.   But I think that maybe it would be a little overboard to have a blog called "With Pen and Ink and Lens and Food."  Yes?

ANYWAY - Back to the cupcake flags:

Here is a photo of all the different options guests can choose from when they pick of up their cupcake of choice.

Although I do not currently have any pre-designed cupcake flags on my etsy shop, I will be happy to create some custom orders for you if you want to request them via the "alchemy" link on etsy.  At least I think that's how it's done.  So if you have a party coming up and are planning to go the cupcake with flags route, but don't find what you're looking for anywhere else, let me know and let's work something out!  I was able to put together this order of 30 toppers for just $25 plus shipping. 

Hm.  Now I want a cupcake.


Callie said...

They turned out sooo cute!

Whitney Bouknight said...

I second Callie's comment! Cannot wait to use them on Saturday. And I will send you some pictures of the finished product. Thanks, Rachael!