Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Oh my...It's almost Easter and the last time I blogged was to post a Christmas card order.  You want to know why?  Because I got so caught up in the not-so-fun drama of my life that I got WAY behind on Christmas sewing - I mean WAY - and ended up not even finishing all my Christmas gifts until...I don't even know if I can say it.  I mean, it's really scandalous how long it took.  In fact, I'm still waiting to give one last gift.  Do you really want to know when I finished sewing?


March 1.

*Hangs head in crafty shame*

This doesn't mean I wasn't working on "stuff."  "Stuff" just didn't happen to do much with pin or ink.

So where do I even start?

We'll just make this an "ink" issue and start in on all the sewn goods as I get photos uploaded.

Here is the assembly line of my Christmas cards this year.  Once again I used my daughter as a living stamp.  Last year I bought big packs of brown kraft paper cards on sale at Hobby Lobby and stamped her little foot on them in green, turning them into Christmas trees with stamped embossed stars.  The inside said, "The holidays are afoot."

I know, I'm hilarious!

Obviously, this year I knew I couldn't use her foot again (so soon) so I went for her hand.  She was a very willing participant and did a great job following my directions for not getting white latex pain everywhere.  What a little trooper.  These were actually sort of "found" cards...I just decided to make them all out of paper and materials I already had here in the house.  So they were single panels this year instead of folded and I had randomly bought these super stylish aqua blue envelopes that went perfectly with this sort of iridescent lime green linen look cardstock.

And so each hand became a tiny Santa, complete with googly eyes.

The back of the cards used all modern holiday colors:  Bright pinks, blues and greens turned into snowflakes with the sentiment:  "Here's hoping Santa hands you everything you want!"

Because remember:  I'm funny!

So the lesson for today is that I'm slow, but entertaining, and that makes it all even out!

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