Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Inspiration: Big O

So, last August, O Magazine had an issue which touted itself as "THE BIG DEALS ISSUE". It was all about rocking the deals (because we are in a recession, y'all) and featured Oprah on the cover, as per usual, rocking an outfit with the headline "EVERYTHING OPRAH'S WEARING IS UNDER $100!" (Emphasis O Mag's) See?

What that sounds like is that Oprah's outfit, top to bottom, cost less than $100. But when you look a little closer, you start seeing all the individual prices of things. $80 for pants. $70 each for the shirt and sweater. $69 dollars for her shoes and a whopping $53 for her belt. The total cost for Oprah's look from head to toe?

Right about $600.

Now, I don't know about you, but recession or not, I don't have any $600 outfits at my house. In fact, my two wedding dresses PUT TOGETHER wouldn't even cost $600. Not even close. So last year I got it in my mind that not only was I going to get Oprah's look for less, I was going to get it for WAY less than the big fat lie of a title of being "Under $100."   And I finally decided that today was the day I'd put it all together, because I knew the ladies I work with would think it was hilarious that I had given myself a blog assignment based on an O Magazine cover.  Plus, I needed someone to take the photos. 

So how'd I do? You tell me.

Sweater: Target - $14.99; Shirt: Old Navy - $9.99; Belt:  Poppy Pia - $5.99; Bracelets:  H&M - @$6.99 for a million; Pants:  Old Navy - $7.99 and Shoes:  Payless - $12.99.  My earrings were in my drawer, so they were free.  I don't wear rings or watches, but I have them, so they would be free, too.  So while Oprah's grand total was somewhere around $600,  mine is about $60.  That's right:  I have a 90% savings.

Now THAT is a Big Deal!

Now, why does this belong here, on my craft blog?  Because I had to alter those pants, y'all!!!

You remember when you were in 5th grade and Gitano jeans were out and they had those RADICAL zippers on the sides to make your little elementary school stick legs look even stickier?  Well, Old Navy had apparently been drinking some Kool-Aid and watching Rainbow Brite reruns when they designed these dove gray pants with a zipper leg.  And while I'm so totally down with retro clothes, they are not always down with me.  I am long waisted and short-legged, so what is an awesome zipper ankle feature to some is a ridiculously long problem to me.  So, using my handy, dandy seam ripper, I simply performed a little surgery on my retro, straight leg, zipper ankle having pants!  And let me tell you - it worked like a dang charm.  Once I got the zipper out, all I had to do was put on the pants and measure to where I wanted them, create a seam allowance for the hem, and then I was able to hem them and still get the little vent that Oprah's $80 pants have on the side.

And I go into all this to say that you don't always have to spend haute couture money on items just because Vanity Fair says you should have something.  Find something that's close and make it closer.  I've ended up wearing the heck out of these pants over the last year and I NEVER would have worn them with a zipper!  They would've been delegated to "Inside of boots pants" and never met their full potential.  So go through those closets and drawers today and think of what you don't wear anymore as a blank canvas before you get rid of it.  You might just find that it works perfectly with a little tweaking!


tracyp said...

And you look so much better than Oprah did!

Chez Nous said...

I am totally into altering my clothing lately. I like something, but not how it looks on me or it's not in season. So, I like a shirt, but it has long sleeves and it's summer....i chop off the sleeves. I have a whole pile of things to work on this week while at my folks.