Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Huddle Up.

I'd be struck dead by lightning if I told you fine people that I am a big football fan.  I generally consider myself fortunate to know in which direction everyone is supposed to be running.  And even then they change that up on me in the middle of the game.


Even tailgating - which one would assume I would be a master at given my propensity to plan parties, bake too many baked goods and drink - is only fun for me in small doses...those doses being between October 1st and November 14 - so that I neither have to be too hot or too cold - and only if I'm close by to a really for real potty - because I really, really, really hate port-a-potties.

But I do love the idea of football.

I think for me the big problem was that my love of high school football games - the socializing, the cheese nachos, knowing people on the team in real life - didn't translate when I went to college.  I mean, when I went to college, I knew a couple of people in the band and I knew everyone was very excited about football games, but I just into it.  I tried.  But I didn't understand.  I never really learned the rules or nuances of the sport.  The crowds were intimidating...I could go on, but I'll spare you.  Plus, I didn't grow up in a sports-watching household.  I mean, not sports that use balls as the main form of entertainment.  There was plenty of Roland Martin's Outdoors on Saturdays, but that was about it for sporting.

I think I'm more excited about football now because I have a daughter, and I want her to be well-rounded.  Her dad loves college football and I want her to share that with him.  I want her to learn to make awesome tailgate foods and dress in team-appropriate colors and know far more about what's going on in the game than I ever have.  *Not that it's too late to learn my own self, I just have to find someone who is willing to field my endless questions about the action on the field.*  But mostly I think having a child changes things because I can dress her in game day appropriate clothing and it's cute, not cliche.

Things like this:

Now, these little dresses are to celebrate some tigers around these parts, but I have ideas for so many other schools with which I am locally and personally affiliated!  Imagine a purple gingham with purple border, monogram or name on the chest and this guy on the hem for Furman:

Or how about a black gingham dress with garnet border and "Go Cocks!" embroidered on the hem for Carolina fans?

Or, my personal favorite (which Lilah will soon enough be sporting):  Black and white houndstooth with crimson border and an elephant on the hem for my own alma mater, The University of Alabama!!!

The best thing about this style of dress is that you order one for your little one now and she can wear it for YEARS.  She can wear it as is in the heat of the first games and over a long-sleeve turtleneck or t-shirt with a cute pair of leggings, it's perfect when the autumn chill sets in.

And some of these ideas can be translated into little boy's wear, too!

How about a football alphabet t-shirt for your pint-sized quarterback?

Or a regular football with the battle cry of your favorite team!

The possibilities are endless.

So get ready for kick-off by visiting the etsy shop for your football fashions!  Got a special request, or want something for yourself?  Shoot me an email and let's make something fun happen!


...And baby makes three!! said...

Hey! How much for the dresses? What do you think about a red gingham with a red border and a wolf for NCSU?

Whitney Bouknight said...

Oh my goodness! That paladin is soooo cute!!!! Could you put him on a white t-shirt? I already ordered her a purple and white tutu from a friend who custom makes them, but I'd love to put him and her name in purple on a white t-shirt to go with the tutu. Let me know!!! (Sorry for just now getting to look at this. We just got home from the beach earlier this afternoon).

Marie said...

Hi! I'm in Greenville and would LOVE to get some Furman applique items! How much would you charge for the Paladin tshirt? Any other purple goodies? My email is