Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Birthday Fun

I've got two different birthday outfits to post today.  The first is a fun little pillowcase dress I made for a special one-year-old friend of ours.  Stella, like her mom and dad, is a big Carolina fan.  So when Lilah was invited to her first birthday party a couple of weeks ago, I knew exactly what I had to send for her gift:  Tailgating dress!

I love the black and white gingham with the garnet border.  Of course, I *would* move to a state where the biggest football rivalry is close in not only college colors, but in some mascots, too!  I definitely like the football helmet as an alternative to replicating trademarked mascot!  Adding the battle cry ensures that everyone knows what team you're rooting for.  There are so many possibilities, that I'm simply limited by what color gingham I find.  And there are some GREAT ginghams.  Take these for example:

Gray, red, and white tri-check for my Tide...

Gold, purple and white tri-check - Geaux Tigers!

Black, white and red will do for either NC State or the Georgia Bulldogs - OR - you could take it local and that would totally represent a couple of the high schools here.  I even found one for a high school in my hometown area:

For the Oxford High Yellow Jackets...or Georgia Tech!

The SECOND birthday gift I got to work on has been one of my favorite projects in awhile.  Lilah's cousin was turning 4, and I realized I had only ever made her a crazy long tutu before, and it was high time she got another Aunt Original.  I know that having an older brother, she's not super crazy like Lilah is about all things pink and frilly, but she does like dresses and princesses, so I thought I'd strike a happy middle and create something a little bit of both worlds.  I came up with this:

Drawing my inspiration from PBS's "Dinosaur Train," I decided to give her a frilly dino outfit!   I started by picking fabric - both patterned and solid, in the colors of the dinos - Green for Tiny and Don, Blue for Shiny, and Orange for Buddy.

I found a pattern for a Pteranadon and decided to make her blue like Shiny.  I did the birthday girl's name in bright green.

The skirt was the most fun.  I had a skirt for Lilah that was covered top to bottom in raw-edged ruffles.  While I liked the look, I also liked the idea of leaving a solid band at the top for a border.  Thus, this ruffle skirt was born!  I simply alternated the ruffles in color from top to bottom.  And I just aboslutely loved the result.  Frilly but not too...blush or bashful, you know?

I loved creating this skirt so much that I can't wait to make another one.  They are a little time consuming, but seeing that whole outfit together tells me it's totally worth it.  I mean, I'd want to wear it if I were four.

Hopefully the birthday girls enjoyed their gifts!  I know I had a fun time creating them!

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