Monday, October 10, 2011

Fright Night

October is one of my favorite months all year.  In addition to having outdoor temperatures that no longer burst you into flames, it contains two of my favorite events:  Our local food festival, "Fall for Greenville," and the best of the best:  Halloween.  As a kid, I loved any excuse to play dress up.  I even decided for a little while (in 5th Grade) that I wanted to become a special effects makeup artist!  But I guess I've fallen more into the category of costuming, huh?

What I love about children's clothes today is that they take a lot of the elements of "dress-up" and put them squarely out for every day wear.  I think that the holidays - especially Halloween - are a great time to kind of push the boundaries between "dress-up" and "dressed."  So, playing on a little pillowcase dress I made for Lilah last Halloween, I present to you:  Jack-o-Dress.

Linen-look pumpkin orange fabric and simple black broadcloth for the band and the face.

I love it.  So much.  And she likes it, too, so win/win.

Here's a little reminder of last year's ghost kidding it's more of a "tunic" this year.

<insert sob story of how my tiny baby is now a full-grown woman here>

The best thing about this is that I have enough of the orange fabric to make at least two more of these super awesome jack-o-dresses.  What a great option to wear to school on Monday, October 31!

The listing is on Etsy, so get yours today!

PS - Want a ghost instead?  That's available, too!

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