Friday, August 27, 2010

And now for some ink...

Right, so this is supposed to be a journal about both my sewing AND my stationary exploits, but so far it's been decidedly sew-bloggy.  Let me just shake that up right now.

A few years ago, I started to offer a line of personalized stationary called "House Notes," because it features a complete vector art drawing of your home.

I. Freaking. Love. This. Stationary.

But no one has ever bought any!

Yes, it is more expensive than your run of the mill stationary, but how can you not love it?  How do you not want to send people a "hi!" note with your cute little house on it?  How do you not want to buy this for your friend who just bought their first home, or their dream home?  How have I not already gotten this to Oprah or Ellen!?!?!

You just have to see for yourself:


So these are definitely going into the etsy shop this weekend, because I would *love* to make some for you or your friends to give as Christmas gifts.  I can do them as a "you print" option, where I send you a .pdf set up to print on your own home printer for $60, or I can have quantities of 50 printed for you starting at just $105 including shipping.  Want the image alone to do with as you wish?  For just $50, I can create a vector art version of your home, sent to you as a .pdf, .jpg, and .eps file so that you can use it in any format you'd like!  Check out the etsy store to order!  Please contact me at if you're interested in smaller quantities of printed cards or if you have any other questions, and I can set up a custom listing just for you!

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