Monday, August 23, 2010

Inspiration - Science Pillows

I'm constantly looking for new and cool ideas to steal borrow to make for gifts, and I found something the other day that I think would be super fun for a "go along with" gift for a little dude just starting elementary school!

How fun are these Science Pillows from Uncommon Goods?!  I especially love the volcano and respiratory system pillows.  The artist based them on old science text book drawings, and I just think that is so much fun!  These would be great to make as a science class project or as a supplemental project with your kids at home - or if you home school, this could be a fun way to combine a home ec assignment with a science lesson or three.  You could do beautiful floral pillows to give as gifts or other fun images lifted straight out of the pages of your science text books!  I especially like how these are a sewing craft that can be given to a boy, because I'm always at a loss for things to make for little boys.  Imagine making something where you could sew a small pocket on the backside which holds extra felt pieces for play on the pillow - food to follow through a digestive tract, or different types of precipitation from a cloud?  Or give one of these with a fun age-appropriate reader book on a science topic!  The possibilities are almost endless.

I'm all about supporting artists and their work, but at a staggering $204.00 each, I'd rather try my hand at making one myself, thanks!


tracyp said...

love the respiratory system pillow! I so want one!

JTP said...

love, love, love!!! you knew I would!