Sunday, August 22, 2010


Welcome to "With Pin and Ink," my new blog that I will use to showcase all the crafts I'm working on for fun and for sale in my etsy shop with the same name.  My crafting interests run the gamut, but I've recognized that my aptitude tends to lie in the fields of graphic design/stationary making and sewing crafts, so that is what I decided I should offer to the world!  If you see anything showcased here that you wish you could have, I invite you to check out the etsy shop first to see if it's available.  If it's not, please send me a convo about a custom project through etsy and we'll try and get you set up!

As we go along, I hope to provide some step-by-step tutorials and/or patterns for projects that I create, and I will always be sharing links and patterns for the projects that I'm working on, so that you can create at home if you are so inclined.  I know that those are my favorite features on other blogs, and I just hope that I can keep it as fun and interesting here as I find other craft blogs to be.

Thanks for joining me!

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