Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baby Thunderstorms = Craft Floods!

I'm not sure how it's possible, but it seems like I always know at least 4 people in a year having a baby.  Now, this seems like a pretty high number to me already, since I don't really KNOW that many people to begin with, but the baby showers this year have been off. the. charts.  I have known about fifteen women having babies this year, and it's a pretty good mix between first babies and subsequent babies, so to say that a baby boom is in full force for 2010 is I think almost an understatement.

Being a practical person, I generally like to give gifts to expectant moms that are useful.  A giant box of their preferred diapers and/or wipes.  Crib sheets.  A gift card to round out the odds and ends right before or after baby arrives.  But I always like to give something personal, too, because I like to give people something they might not buy for themselves but would like to have.  That is why I love when I find out my friends are having little girls!  That means I get to bust out the old embroidery carriage for my sewing machine, and in true "proper Southern lady" fashion make something special with a monogram for the baby-to-be.

The machine is getting lots of use lately, since not only is there a baby boom in full force, but it seems it is ALL girls!

Here is one of the recent gifts I made for a sweet little baby named Amy.

gingham and a mini floral print - so sweet!
I love this little pattern, and I make it A LOT.  My own daughter, Lilah, who will often be featured modeling the results of my sewing, has two tops using this pattern!  It's so cute, almost like a pillowcase dress, and fully lined, which I love.  You can make it reversible if you like, but I prefer to just use a nice soft batiste for the inside.  I love this fabric combination in particular, with the lavender floral and gingham most definitely representing the sweet little English Rose that will be wearing it!  That's right - this little outfit went all the way to the UK!  A dear friend of mine became an auntie again this summer, and so I made something special for her sweet little niece as an attempt to repay her family for the beautiful hand-knit sweaters they sent when Lilah was born.

But one must remember that there ARE cultural differences between ourselves and the English, and let's just say that it's a good thing I explained the significance of the monogram in southern American children's clothing!  I hope that Amy's mom didn't find the monogram too garish to allow her to wear once or twice this summer :-)

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