Thursday, September 2, 2010

Catch-up, it's not just for hotdogs anymore

Well, so it seems that September is National Sewing Month, which I'm sure has something to do with how close we are beginning to get to the winter gift giving holidays.  Well, for people with good sense and better sewing skills than I have, obviously.  I mean, let's face it - if you're me, you had big plans for being finished with all your holiday crafts by October as you purchased supplies and made lists and bought patterns at the beginning of the year and September as a jump off to the 900,000,000,000 things you need to get finished ASAP  (Darn all these new babies this year.  They have messed me up.) just isn't feasible in the craftiest of crafters for what I try to accomplish.

It also seems as good a time as any to start making this fortune I got a couple of weeks ago come to fruition -

See, in addition to ALL the sewing I need to do for Christmas, I also have the GIANT BOX OF PROJECTS (futhermore to be known as GBoP) from when my previous sewing machine stopped working reliably and I gave up on sewing for a little while.  And that means some people will get birthday gifts this year that were intended for last year (or before) and so on.

But it's all good as long as they're getting done and moved out of my house before I crack and buy even more patterns and fabrics and create more projects, right?

My husband isn't in the same state with me right now, but I can hear him cracking up at that last part.  I swear, honey, I'm working on it!

Here's proof:

This "mystery" gift has been cut out - partially - for nearly TWO YEARS.  That is so shameful.  Although I will say now that making it at this point means it has turned out way, way, way more awesome than I had at first imagined it.  So the receiver will have the benefit of my fancy new sewing machine AND my sewbilities that have strengthened since I initially decided to make the object.

Oh, what's that?  A little black, a little white, a little hot pink??

Since the person who will be receiving this MIGHT see this entry, I'm only going to show you some little teases of the finished product.  But have no fear, as soon as it is opened, I'll post the final photos that I am taking tomorrow.

Here's to a productive National Sewing Month!!!

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