Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall is in the air!

I just stepped outside to let the dog out and was pleasantly smacked with a cool breeze and the smell of Fall around the corner. Don't get me wrong; summer has it's place with it's sexy, sweaty, skinny-dip inducing heat, but nothing does it for me quite like 65 degrees on a porch swing snuggled under a blanket with your beau. Too bad about my not having a porch swing.

Anyway, with my machine BACK to the repairman, I decided to cut out some of my Christmas projects and get things prepped and ready for the coming weeks of "Rachael sews her a$$ off". These are just a few of the fun fleece fabrics I am working with. Don't you adore them?

Kittens and mushrooms and puppies, Oh my!
I know you can't wait to see what they become, but I once heard that patience is a virtue, so I'm testing the theory.

Next up:  finishing the flower girl dress and the odd green Japanese floral dress!!

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