Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I got ya covered.

I know that a lot of you really loved the nap mat that I made for Lilah and would be interested in one for your own little ones, but I think it fits more into the "bed roll" category and as such might not be practical for a lot of daycare situations.

Anyway - As I was doing my grocery shopping over the weekend, I ran into WalMart for some sundries and realized that, even though it's not quite mid-July, it is BACK TO SCHOOL TIME at all retail establishments.  Well, except for Hobby Lobby where it is also already HallowThanksMas...but I digress...SO:  I noticed in the back to school section that they had those little red and blue blocky nap mats and just kind of wondered out loud if I could possibly create a nice, cushy cover for one of those - you know, something to make it a little more plush, a little less brick-like - that could be personalized and removable for easy washing, perhaps THAT might be a good option for all you folks looking for the brick alternative.

And then Lilah said, "Mommy, who is you talkin' to?  Is you talkin' to yourself?"

So we went away from that section of the store before she could point out any more of my "special" traits.

But I am interested to know if you might be interested.  And if so, perhaps one of you would like to be a guinea pig and get one at cost for me to have the practice of making it?



I have a willing guinea pig.  If it is successful, they will be available in August!

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