Monday, July 18, 2011

More Cape-ers.

I have a special buddy in Mississippi who is turning 3 this month and I happened to know he was seriously into pretending.

And since he's a little boy, I kind of figured he'd like to pretend to be a superhero.

And I also figured that being a superhero shouldn't be limited to a specific character.

So I turned him into his own superhero:

It's Super MattMan, y'all.

I knew that because his daddy works at the Co-Op, he'd appreciate a little John Deere Green in his costume, so I used that in a nice, poly gaberdine as the cape proper.  For the "M" shield, I simply created a pattern for both on paper and then cut them out to trace onto yellow and red cotton.

The cape is approximately 24" long (I guessed at a measurement to span from the nape of his neck to his knees), and is wide enough to be appropriately showy and flowy without being twirly.

Want a cape for your little superhero?

Let's talk colors, initials and lengths.

Buy your Cape Now:
$17.00 + $3.00 S&H

Color Requests
Initial + Measurement

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