Saturday, July 16, 2011

This is si-wii-us.

We're not much into superheroes at our house.  We tend to run more on the Fairy/Princess side of pretend than the Super/Bat/Spiderman side.  Not that Lilah isn't exposed to those things...her father is the youngest of three boys, so he makes sure that she's well versed in all the things little boys would like, too *so that he has an excuse to buy new toys to play with* And actually, she is so good at playing with boy stuff that all the little boys at daycare are in love with her because she is the only girl who will go play cars with them - or so her teacher says.

That makes me proud.

And a little bit nervous.

Anyway, in the midst of the playing princess/doctor/mommy, we sometimes have to stop for a wild game of the best little superheroes I know:  The Wonder Pets.

Or, as Lilah calls them, "The Wunner Pets."

There's Lenny.  He's a "winnypig."  There's Tuck.  He's a turtle.  And there's Ming Ming.  She's a duckling - with a speech impediment.

They go on adventures in their "Fly Boat" to save baby animals, extolling the virtue of team work.

And they wear capes.

So guess who wanted one?


And guess who made it?


Y'all are so smart!

I freehanded everything about the design, so I'm not totally pleased with the size.  It's too wide, in my opinion.  But I got lucky finding the right colors of fabric; I just went and picked out some costume satin at Wal-Mart (Oh Happy Day - they are leaving the full fabric department in my closest Wal-Mart, according to the lady who cut this fabric for me!) and got to work trying to recreate Lenny the "Winnypig's" blue cape, because she needed that one first.

Needed.  First.

So one down, two to go.

Hmm...maybe now is a good time to really start talking about the difference between "Want" and "Need."

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...And baby makes three!! said...

That is precious! Miss Lilah gets prettier everyday.

And she just sounds so sweet and so cute.