Monday, July 11, 2011

The phrase "Easily Amused" comes to mind.

Today started off rather unfortunately for me at 1:00am when my body decided to reject all sustenance supplied it in the previous 12 hours.

When I woke up, the toddler was sporting an elevated temperature and the whole situation was enough for me to send up the white flag early in the day.  We were beaten, and would be happy to spend the day looking pitiful from the sofa together.

Luckily, the little one rallied later in the day but I've still been feeling kind of "bleh," until I remembered something I had tucked into my purse on the way out of work on Friday.

I had intended to share it with you over the weekend, but now I think it was divine intervention that it get lost and found when I needed it most.

I give you, the PENcil.

Click it one way, it's a pen.

Click it the other way, it's a mechanical pencil.

You all may "ooo" and "ahh" now.

To ME, this is better than a Snuggie could be in its wildest dreams.

Ok, so I can't even blame being sick and weakened from lack of food on how amazing and awesome I think this PENcil is.  I discovered the awesomeness when I picked up this pen and in an attempt to "click" the pen closed, I learned it was a mechanical pencil.  When I pointed out my faux pas to my boss, she said, "But wait, there's more!" (Ok, not really, but wouldn't that have been hilarious?!) and showed me how it swings both ways in the writing world.  And then and there I announced I was taking the pen home and writing about it.

You are so welcome.


Esoteric Wench said...

It's the little stuff in life like this PENcil that make it worth living. I loved this post. Thanks for sharing.

...And baby makes three!! said...

Hope you and Lilah feel better!!!